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First of all I have to thank   my father , an expert "trader" who   back in the early   80s , realized  the enormous potential   the Far   East   markets   could   offer.   In fact,   almost   30 years ago,   he decided   to take me   with him   to the discover   countries such as India , Indonesia,  China, and South America too.
From there was born my career , which grew year after year , by the simple choice of models already made ​​by local suppliers, the original creation and development of dresses, kaftans , skirts, shirts ... using light fabrics , such as cotton, voile and georgette, enriched by precious handmade embroideries, elegant , never dull . Later these decorations have characterized all our collections .
Our mission has always been to combine the quality of materials (fabrics and accessories), local techniques and our Italian taste.

Every country where I worked gave me the gift of knowledge, experiences and suggestions .
Indonesia has been a source of inspiration for the garments made using their traditional craft techniques , including batik, but also the processes for creating patchwork shorts , skirts and pants also using antique fabrics .
Then China let me discover the finest materials such as silks, linens , cottons and cashmere ; especially in China I had the chance to know in details important materials for the winter season such as "feathers", which become a core player material for our family.

These were years of great efforts and sacrifices , especially in the efforts to " instruct " the various local suppliers to our quality standards . But that period was also important for insights , discoveries and achievements in the work stimulated by situations and environments so different from ours. Each of these efforts has been abundantly rewarded by experiences in places that also offered unusual atmospheres and now rare in the West. More than anything, I could appreciate the human enrichment  and, the relationships with the people I have had the good fortune to establish. Those with the weavers and embroiderers , skilled teachers of a craft tradition so valuable to those with local entrepreneurs .

Total experience , in heart and in mind. An adventure.

Just like that . I like to think of having lived an adventure similar to that of Marco Polo , who also started following his father merchant to explore distant lands and cultures . Today , loads of baggage of my experiences , I feel the need to continue to "dare" as at the beginning and start with enthusiasm for a new journey.

Here is a new project, a new collection that bears my name , Patrizia Parma.

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